Horror at car racing event as driver intentionally drives wrong way around track

Spectators at a European Hot Hatch Championship event were left in shock when the driver of an Alfa Romeo 1600 Duetto ’66 proceeded to drive the wrong way around the track, intentionally crashing head-on with oncoming cars.

Witnesses claim that the driver began his potentially deadly circuit shortly after losing pole position to a Ferrari 458 Italia ’09. Infuriated at having to compete against such an overpowered car, it is believed that the driver decided to take revenge.

“He’d been in pole position for pretty much the whole race”, said one lady, still shaking from the carnage she’d witnessed. “However, on the final corner the Ferrari came out of nowhere and went shooting past him, taking first place. Initially he just sat there in disbelief, but then he got angry… real angry, turned his car around and started driving the wrong way around the track.”

Over the course of the next few minutes the furious driver crashed head-on with 13 other cars, often at combined speeds of over 200mph. Spectators could only watch in horror as the vehicles received catastrophic superficial damage, including scratched paintwork and slightly crumpled hoods.

“I’ve never seen damage like it”, said one two-dimensional spectator. “Whole bumpers looked like they could fall off at any minute and the performance of the cars was even slightly reduced. I don’t know whether I’ll ever be able to get these horrific images out of my head.”

Event organisers have dismissed claims that they did not do enough to stop the mayhem by allowing the race to continue.

“If we had to stop races every time someone decided to drive around the track the wrong way we’d never finish an event”, said a spokesman. “The important thing to remember is that no one got hurt and the damage to the cars, whilst shocking, is all easily repairable”.

The driver of the Alfa Romeo has so far not been named but is not expected to face any legal action.

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