Damien Hirst snaps PS3 game in half, video games now unanimously considered art

The debate as to whether video games can ever be art  ended today when UK artist Damien Hirst, frustrated at his inability to gain the notoriously difficult platinum trophy in Dark Souls, snapped his disc in half, inadvertently transforming it into a $3 million masterpiece.

Artists the world over have since agreed that video games can now officially be considered art, with gamers free to comment on the beauty of their favorite games without sounding like pretentious douchebags.

“It’s quite a relief”, said one Word of Warcraft player. “I’d started to worry that I’d wasted the best years of my life hunched over a computer with nothing to show for it. Fortunately, this latest news has confirmed my long-held suspicion that raiding for 14 hours a day is no different from taking a loved one to the theater, visiting an art gallery or reading a really long, boring book.”



  1. Brilliant, but I bet half the people that read this don’t “get it”.

  2. Great!
    It’s strange how important this subject is for some gamers. Games are great regardless of their status as art. Though they ARE art, of course.

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