Leaked Xbox 720 document found at Walmart?

When avid gamer Neil Latson decided to visit his local Walmart to pick up some eggs and peanut butter, little did he know he’d soon find himself at the centre of media frenzy after discovering what appears to be yet another leaked Xbox 720 document.

Mr Latson, 23, is reported to have found the document on the floor in the dairy aisle, somewhere between the cottage cheese and the fromage frais. Unsure whether he was dealing with an extremely elaborate forgery or the genuine article, the stunned shopper decided to upload pictures of his discovery to the internet for analysis.

As you can see below, the document appears to show a number of crude schematics for the upcoming console, complete with what many believe to be a list of possible code names. The document also contains a number of small drawings which are thought to be draft logos.

Rather cryptically, the leaked document makes reference to the need to “pick James up”. Industry experts have speculated that this is probably a reference to Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server (JAMES), an open source SMTP and POP3 mail transfer agent.

We contacted Microsoft to discuss the images but were promptly informed that they “don’t comment on rumour and speculation”.


  1. Looks legit to me. I’m guessing the final design will be close to the tic-tac-toe board.

  2. Clearly an elaborate forgery…

  3. Is this not just a shopping list with the 7.20 being what time james needs picking up…

    oh sorry, my mistake…..it is a leaked document regarding the xbox 720

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