PSN “scheduled uptime” set for Friday morning

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation Network will be available for a very brief period of time on Friday morning in what the company is referring to as ‘scheduled uptime’.

In an official statement Sony warned PlayStation 3 users that they may experience network connectivity during this period, potentially allowing them to play online, download content and chat with friends. However, Sony has assured concerned customers that any uptime will be short-lived and that its engineers will be working hard to disable the network as fast as possible.

A spokesman for the company has since advised The Daily Pixel that individuals wishing to play games on Friday morning may wish to disconnect their console from their home network in order to simulate normal levels of service.

It is expected that the uptime will commence at 8am (UK time) on Friday morning.


  1. This might be the funniest article I’ve read in a while. Nice work.

  2. To be fair PSN is actually pretty stable nowadays. That said, Sony does still seem to undertake maintenance at least once a month. But I’d rather that than have to pay for xbl

  3. You’re an idiot

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