Gamer mistakes crappy old NES game for innovative indie game designed to look like crappy old NES game

Having spent three days working his way through what he thought to be the latest retro-themed puzzle-platformer from XBL, Gregory Jones, 24, was shocked to discover that he had in fact just been playing a really shit NES game.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Gregory, who inadvertently played through the notoriously terrible Legend of Kage in its miserable entirety. “I’d had my suspicions, but the crappy graphics, infuriating bugs and nonsensical plot convinced me that I was playing an innovative retro-inspired indie game.”

“I’d spent the last couple of days waiting for the game to introduce me to its gimmick, you know, like being able to reverse time, flip my perspective, turn into a dolphin, or perhaps just an attempt at smug humour, but it never came. When it eventually dawned on me that I was playing a real crappy old game and not just a new game pretending to be a crappy old game, well, I felt pretty stupid.”

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  1. This is awesome… I actually remember Legend of Kage and it was indeed crap.

  2. DarthDiggler says:

    Yeah but so were many other games. Legend of Kage was a quarter muncher back in the roller rink in my home town.

    I had more fun on it than Pac-Man and Pac-Man had a cartoon made after it for Saturday Morning.


    Sorry guys, I don’t remember this game being crappy. Maybe the NES version sucked ass, the arcade version was the great for its time.

  4. You guys are missing the point…

    Anyway this article is brilliant and true on multiple levels.

  5. lol @ everyone who took this seriously

  6. You are stupid and should feel stupid. Good article. Not.

  7. Yeah, can we actually cite a source on that “notoriously terrible” claim? Not only are there literally dozens upon dozens of worse games in the NES library alone, but I actually like Legend of Kage — and Demon Sword even better.

  8. Space meGustah says:

    There should be a qualification to certify people for being indie.

  9. “reverse time, change my perspective, turn into a dolphin”

    Where is our dolphin game, indie designers?

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