Thanos insists he’s more powerful than the Wii U

Having become aware of the recent frenzied speculation and rumor surrounding the capabilities of the Wii U, an enraged Thanos has insisted that he is far more powerful than Nintendo’s upcoming console.

The supervillain, who has the ability to manipulate enormous amounts of cosmic energy, is thought to have become incensed after discovering numerous online articles discussing the potential power of the hotly anticipated machine, with no acknowledgement of his own God-like powers and abilities.

“I hold the Galaxy in my palm, ready to crush it like an eggshell”, Thanos told press outside his home on Sunday morning. “I have left the mortal plane behind me. In truth I have risen above the mantle of godhood, even celestial status is now below me! The Infinity Gems have given me the power of supreme being and the so-called Wii U is but a mere speck of cosmic dust to one such as I.”

Asked by one IGN reporter whether he believed that the Wii U would be capable of true 1080p gaming, Thanos responded furiously.

“This army of a thousand Ps you speak of is of no concern to Thanos of Titan. My Infinity Gauntlet grants me complete mastery over every aspect of the multiverse and I shall crush those foolish enough to stand against me. There is nothing I need to worry on, for I am Thanos. And the power of Thanos is supreme. Supreme!”

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  1. Someone should have told him that everyone is more powerful than the Wii U.

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