Getting the disc out of the box without snapping it voted scariest gaming moment this gen

cd_stuckAs the current generation of consoles draws to a close, gamers have voted getting the disc out the box without snapping it the single most terrifying moment of the last 7 years.

Despite tough competition from well-known horror franchises including Resident Evil, Dead Space and Silent Hill, the act of actually removing a modern video game from the clutches of its plastic case has nevertheless been deemed infinitely more scary than anything likely to be contained on the disc itself.

“My first few moments with Resident Evil 6 were terrifying and really recaptured the sense of dread that I’d loved about the original games,” said 22-year-old Jeff Harris who participated in the IGN survey.

“I’d managed to get the cellophane wrap off without too much trouble, but no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t get the game to pop out. I was pressing down hard on that stupid little button in the middle, and I’d managed to work my nails underneath the CD to try and pull on it at the same time, but it just wouldn’t budge. I was really freaking out because I could see the disc bending and I’m thinking it’s going to snap if I’m not careful, but I knew my only option was to keep on trying.

“I’ll be honest, the rest of the game was pretty tame in comparison to those initial moments.”

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