Microsoft apologises for employing aggressive 14-year-old school boy as creative director

angry_kidIn wake of the outrage surrounding Adam Orth’s condescending and hostile defense of always-online consoles, Microsoft has admitted it may have been a mistake to employ the belligerent teenager as its chief creative director.

Following a series of outrageous twitter posts in which angsty Orth told fans that they’d just have to #dealwithit, that he’d rather die than go to Janesville and that no one understood him, Microsoft today announced that it had grounded the little tearaway and suspended all pocket money with immediate effect.

Speaking exclusively to The Daily Pixel, Mike Worrall, an employee at Microsoft Studios, said: “Since turning 14 earlier this year Adam has become more and more rebellious. He used to be such a sweet little boy but ever since his hormones started to kick in… well, he’s just become so aggressive.

“He’d started to spend all his time angrily sulking around the office, asking colleagues if they’d lend him money and complaining that life wasn’t fair. Whenever anyone asked him if he was okay or whether they could help, he’d just tell them to shut up and mumble something about wishing he’d never been born. It was very difficult, particularly as he was sort of our boss.”

In a statement Microsoft stated that it would be reviewing its employment practices and having “stearn words” with Adam about his awful behaviour. The company also assured residents of Janesville that Adam’s views about their crappy, poorly connected little city didn’t necessarily reflect its own.

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