Excitement as man finds small area of land in UK with 4G signal

The fourth G

Mr Phillips points to where he found the 4th G

A man from Southend-on-Sea has found what is thought to be the UK’s first known location with a reliable 4G signal.

The small patch of land, approximately two-metres across, was discovered by 52-year-old Thomas Phillips in a quiet residential cul-de-sac close to his home in North Shoebury. The site has since become a hotspot for thousands of frustrated EE customers as they scramble to experience the elusive fourth G for themselves.

Speaking to The Daily Pixel, Mr Phillips told of his surprise when he realised that his £55-a-month handset had at long last connected to the UK’s highly anticipated 4G network:

“When I saw the little 4G indicator in my status bar I literally just froze, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The salesman in Phones4U had said that I might feel some sort of magical, tingly sensation when I first connected to a 4G network, but apart from the initial shock I guess I felt pretty normal.

“My hands were shaking but I managed to call my girlfriend and told her I was speaking to her on 4G. I asked if she could tell the difference and she said I sounded a bit posher, which was nice.

“Next I booted up Angry Birds to see what it was like with 4G turned on. I’d been stuck on this one level for months but to my surprise this time I managed to clear it with two birds to spare. I couldn’t fucking believe it!”

Despite Mr Phillips’ initial positive experience, he warned those interested in experiencing the awesome power of the 4G that Facebook nevertheless remained full of insecure, narcissistic wankers.


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  1. This seems to good to be true, I smell a marketing campaign from EE.
    Has Mr Philipps stated that he does not have ties with EE? I didn’t think so! OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!

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