Microsoft asks those purchasing 360 games to return to store every 24 hours with receipt to prove they didn’t steal them

xboxoneWith the release of the Xbox One and its ‘always online’ DRM still many months away, Microsoft today announced that it would be launching an interim measure to prevent the illegal sharing and playing of Xbox 360 games.

Speaking at a hastily arranged press conference, Community Manager Larry Hyrb revealed that Microsoft would be bringing Xbox One’s unique system of DRM to the 360, with immediate effect.

Addressing the packed gathering of journalists, Hyrb said: “We know that gamers are keen to experience the next generation of consoles, so we’ve decided to give 360 owners an early taste of one of the Xbox One’s exciting new features.

“From today onward, 360 owners will be asked to ensure they hang onto their game receipts and, once every 24 hours, pop back to the store to confirm with the clerk that they did indeed purchase them legally.”

Asked whether 360 owners would still be able to play their games on a friend’s console, Hyrb explained that this would be permitted, but that users would need to report back to the clerk once every hour or, at the very least, give them a quick call “to confirm that they remained the legal owner of the game they were playing.”

360 owners were warned that should they for any reason be unable to make contact with the store clerk within the prescribed time, they should immediately discontinue playing.

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  1. I won’t be connecting my 360 to the internet ever again. Microsoft are gonna bomb with the Xbox One next year

  2. SO Microsoft now wants to be like the government and put games on probation. Its time for ps4 to liberate us gamers.

  3. Finally something new! I was expecting this for a long time you know.
    You guys aways gives me some good laughs. Keep the good work!

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