Microsoft’s backpedalling could power small country say scientists

pedalScientists searching for new clean and renewable energy sources have stated that the frantic backpedalling by Microsoft in recent weeks could potentially power a small nation.

Whilst the scientific community has previously focussed its efforts on the development of solar, wind and geothermal technologies, a growing number of experts now believe it may be possible to harness the extraordinary power of Microsoft’s endless U-turns to provide a source of cheap and green energy for generations to come.

Dr. Emma Carter of Oxford University’s Physics Department said: “Over the last few weeks we’d been noticing regular spikes in the strength of Earth’s electromagnetic field.

“At first we assumed we were witnessing natural fluctuations caused by currents in the ionosphere, but it soon became apparent that the peaks always coincided with press statements from Microsoft about changes to always-online DRM policies, self-publishing or sanctions on the sale of used games.

“It was then we realised that Microsoft’s furious and unprecedented backpedalling was actually creating vast quantities of energy, enough to power a small country!”


  1. Hilarious!

  2. I wish you guys would post more regularly!


    is that a burn i smell?

  4. No, that’s just $0ny PauperStation N4Gtard poopiepants.

  5. Microsoft sux says:

    That’s a sound strategy Microsoft, copy your competition and abandon your own shoddy 3 year strategy

  6. hehe fun written. But it’s some what true. I can’t understand MS these days, they don’t look good.


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