Shareholders win console war!

shareholderWith the current generation of consoles coming to a close, PS3 and Xbox 360 owners were today shocked to discover that it was savvy investors with actual shares in Sony and Microsoft that had won the console war, not the legions of unwashed fanboys that had spent the last six years feverishly debating the merits of their preferred system.

23-year-old Michael Wilbert, who spends his evenings creating animated gifs of embarrassing E3 moments and posting them online, said: “I’m in a complete state of shock!

“I could have sworn the PS3 was going to win, but it turns out the real winners were some rich old dudes with large investment portfolios in the technology markets!”

“Just the other day I posted a really cutting remark about the 360’s high rate of disc drive failure on a YouTube video review for Halo 4, but it seems like it was all for nothing because I don’t actually have any shares in Sony.



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