Write for us

God… They look professional, don’t they? Sadly, this is a stolen stock photo – we look nothing like this.

Here at The Daily Pixel, we have a problem.

You see, there’s simply too much news happening at any given moment for us to capture it all and we’re in dire need of highly trained journalist-types to help us out.

We need people that don’t mind getting their hands dirty, people that don’t care that it’s 10pm and they’re still at their desk, people that don’t get all up tight about a little bit of “sexual harassment”. If that sounds like you, read on.

Do you know a thing or two about video games and news? Well hold onto those thoughts because we need to extract them from you. The easiest and most painless method would be for you to send us a sample of your work and, if we like it, we’ll throw it up on the site and claim it as our own.

In the early days we could offer nothing in return for this hard work and instead begged kindhearted people to take pity on our pathetic website by working for free. However, times are a-changin’, and we’ve taken the decision to start paying individuals who submit high quality content.

From now on any individual that submits a story that we publish will be awarded a flat rate payment of $5.00 (USD), with all payments made via PayPal.

Please send any original submissions to the following address and, if we like it, we’ll be in touch.


Would-be writers take note:

  • All content submitted must be original (we check)
  • Please only submit complete stories as rough ideas and titles are no good to anyone
  • Don’t worry about images, we’ll sort this out if we agree to publish your story
  • We may edit your submission prior to publication, although we will discuss this with you beforehand
  • If you wish, your name (or nickname) will appear next to your story once published
  • We receive a large number of submissions and obviously not everything gets used. If you don’t hear back from us within a few days chances are we didn’t feel your story was quite right for the site. But don’t get downhearted about it… Why not send us something else?